Chinese Arts & Music Association

Seattle Chinese Orchestra

The Seattle Chinese Orchestra (SCO) is the only traditional Chinese orchestra in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is to advocate and promote traditional Chinese music to the Western world. The forefather of the SCO was a Chinese folk music ensemble founded by the famous musician Warren Chang, who was already nationally renowned in China and in the United States at the time. In the summer of 1986, respected composer and conductor Mr. Zhenfen Huang, who had arrived just a little over a year earlier in Seattle, also joined the group.

The premiere of SCO was a big milestone in Chinese music development in the West Coast of the United States. Since its inception, SCO has hosted numerous concerts and dance shows with live orchestra accompaniment and has been widely accepted and applauded. As the years have gone by, the orchestra has grown to become more professional, having more members with greater musical talent and experience. Currently, SCO has over forty members, and are under four divisions: bow-stringed instruments, plucked instruments, woodwind instruments and percussion. The Music Director is Mr. Warren Chang and the current conductor is Mr. Roger Nelson.

The repertoire of the Seattle Chinese Orchestra is very rich and versatile, including pieces from traditional Chinese music, Chinese regional and folk music, music by contemporary Chinese composers (like those composed by Mr. Zhenfen Huang), as well as classical music and music from other parts of the world rearranged for Chinese instruments.

The Seattle Chinese Orchestra includes not only Chinese musicians but also American musicians who are lovers of Chinese culture and well-versed in Chinese music as well. To further develop and improve the orchestra, SCO is constantly recruiting new members. Anyone interested is welcome and should contact us.