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Tingting Chang

Ting Ting began her music career at the age of 5, learning the Er-Hu. She eventually joined CAMA's youth orchestra and performed in various concerts which includes the Benaroya Hall and Meany Hall for CAMA's annual concerts as well as other major concert events. She started studying the Yang Qing from her mother, Buyun Zhao, at the age of 9. She also took on cello as part of her school activities. She then studied the piano entering the age of 10 under the instruction of Teacher Xu in Bellevue, Washington. Afterwards, TingTing continued her studies in the piano as a profession with a second instructor, Anaida. During that period, Ting Ting entered several piano competitions and has won several awards, including the Lauren Olsen award and honorable mentions. In the 2010 season, Ting Ting was accepted into the School of Music as a piano major in the University of Washington under the instruction of Dr. Jang who is continuing to develop her piano skills.